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In the wake of AI, MarTech Stack could be slowing down business growth

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In conversation with Divya Gulati, Senior Marketing Manager at Google. She is a visionary for the use of AI, Data and Analytics in marketing. She has over 10+ years in digitally transforming brands like America Express India, PepsiCo India, Cisco and more. She has worked with a variety of businesses, from startups to enterprise-level organizations, to help them optimize their marketing technology stack, data and use data science techniques to improve their overall marketing effectiveness.

‘AI is here to transform the way we do marketing’  says Divya. According to her, AI will be one of the key pillars for every business’s transformation, tech or non tech. “And while Generative AI will make go-to-market faster when it comes to content and design, you will still need experts to build your marketing strategy” she tells in a recent interview with the Digital journal. 


MarTech Stack could be slowing businesses 

Let’s first clarify what a MarTech Stack is .  A MarTech stack is essentially a collection of software tools and platforms that businesses use to manage and execute their marketing campaigns. This can include tools for email marketing, social media management, customer relationship management, analytics, and more.

There are a few reasons it could be slowing down business. First, businesses often adopt new tools and platforms without fully considering how they fit into their overall strategy and how they integrate with their existing stack. This can lead to a fragmented and inefficient MarTech stack that slows down processes and creates unnecessary complexity.

Second, many businesses struggle to keep up with the rapid pace of technological innovation in the MarTech space. They may be using outdated tools or failing to fully utilize the capabilities of the tools they have, which can limit their marketing effectiveness.

Finally, businesses may be relying too heavily on automation and technology, at the expense of human input and creativity. Marketing is ultimately about connecting with people, and it’s important to remember that technology should be used to augment human effort, not replace it.

Signs that a business might be experiencing MarTech-related slowdowns

There are a few key indicators. One is a lack of agility in the marketing process. If it takes a long time to execute campaigns or respond to changes in the market, this could be a sign that the MarTech stack is slowing things down.

Another indicator is a lack of visibility into marketing performance. If businesses are struggling to track the ROI of their campaigns or make data-driven decisions, this could be a sign that their MarTech stack is not properly integrated or optimized.

Finally, if businesses are experiencing high levels of employee frustration or turnover related to MarTech, this could be a sign that the stack is too complex or not user-friendly.

Steps businesses can take to avoid MarTech-related slowdowns

There are a few key steps businesses can take. First, they should regularly audit their MarTech stack to ensure that all tools and platforms are aligned with their overall marketing strategy and properly integrated with each other.

Second, businesses should stay up to date on new MarTech innovations and be willing to invest in new tools and platforms that can improve their marketing effectiveness.

Finally, businesses should prioritize creativity and human input in their marketing processes, and use technology to augment, rather than replace, human effort.

It’s important for businesses to remember that their MarTech stack should serve as a tool to support their marketing efforts, not a hindrance. By taking a strategic and thoughtful approach to MarTech, businesses can avoid slowdowns and achieve greater marketing success.

Follow her on LinkedIn for more insights and strategies on how to drive digital transformation for the business 

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