TYPE:  425

                                        Filed by General Motors Corporation (GM)
                                    Subject Company - General Motors Corporation
                                              and Hughes Electronics Corproation
                         Pursuant to Rule 425 under the Securities Act  of  1933
                                  and Deemed Filed Pursuant to Rule 14a-12 under
                                             the Securities Exchange Act of 1934
                                                 Commission File No.:  001-00143

The following is a  letter to  the employees  of Hughes Electronics Corporation
dated May 2, 2001:

To HUGHES Employees

Yesterday, GM and HUGHES stated that "after review by the board of HUGHES and as
part of their evaluation of strategic restructuring  alternatives,  the GM Board
of Directors has authorized  proceeding with further  discussions  with The News
Corporation  Limited  and  Sky  Global  Networks,  Inc.,  a  subsidiary  of News
Corporation, regarding a proposal to combine HUGHES with Sky Global."

You may be asking what this means.  Well, in the immediate future, it means that
negotiations   and  discussion  will  continue   between  GM,  HUGHES  and  News
Corporation.  If GM,  HUGHES  and News  Corporation  reach a binding  agreement,
several more steps would follow.  First,  the  agreement  would be submitted for
review  and  approval  by the  Boards  of  Directors  of  HUGHES,  GM  and  News
Corporation.  After  that,  shareowners  of GM and GMH  stock  would be asked to
approve the agreement.  In addition,  the agreement  would be subject to various
governmental reviews. A transaction based on the News Corporation proposal could
not be concluded unless and until all these steps have been taken.

As you can see, this process is likely to be time consuming. Ongoing uncertainty
about the future is  difficult  for  everyone on both a personal  and a business
level.  The process we are engaged in involves  many complex  variables,  making
progress toward closure much slower than any of us would like.

It has been said that anticipating  change is more difficult than change itself.
I thank you for your  dedication and patience during this process and I ask that
you remain focused on the task at hand:  competing  aggressively  in our markets
and increasing customer  satisfaction daily. I will continue to focus my efforts
on achieving the best result for GMH and GM  shareowners,  HUGHES  employees and
our company.  Together,  we have built a powerful force in digital and broadband
entertainment and  communications.  Our future success will be determined by our
ability to stay the course and maintain our market lead.

The press  has  often  referred  to  HUGHES  as a "crown  jewel."  Thank you for
everything you've done to make it a reality.

Mike Smith
Chairman & CEO, HUGHES



     If a transaction  is to be proposed to GM  stockholders  as a result of the
discussions  referred to above, related filings will be made with the Securities
and Exchange Commission,  including a Registration Statement and a proxy/consent
solicitation  statement on Form S-4,  which will include a  prospectus.  Because
those documents would contain important information, holders of GM $1-2/3 and GM
Class H common stock are urged to read them, if and when they become  available.
When filed with the SEC, they will be available  for free at the SEC's  website,
www.sec.gov, and GM stockholders will receive information at an appropriate time
on how to obtain  transaction  related  documents for free from General  Motors.
Such documents are not currently available.

     General Motors, and its directors and executive officers,  may be deemed to
be participants  in the  solicitation of proxies or consents from the holders of
GM  $1-2/3  common  stock  and GM Class H common  stock in  connection  with any
transaction  that might be proposed to GM  stockholders.  Information  about the
directors  and executive  officers of GM and their  ownership of GM stock is set
forth in the proxy  statement  for GM's 2001  annual  meeting  of  shareholders.
Investors  may obtain  additional  information  regarding  the interests of such
participants by reading the prospectus and proxy/consent  solicitation statement
if and when it becomes available.

     This   communication   shall  not  constitute  an  offer  to  sell  or  the
solicitation  of an offer to buy, nor shall there be any sale of  securities  in
any  jurisdiction  in which such offer,  solicitation  or sale would be unlawful
prior to  registration  or  qualification  under the securities laws of any such
jurisdiction.  No  offering  of  securities  shall be made  except by means of a
prospectus meeting the requirements of Section 10 of the Securities Act of 1933,
as amended.