TYPE:  425

                                        Filed by General Motors Corporation (GM)
                                    Subject Company - General Motors Corporation
                           Pursuant to Rule 425 under the Securities Act of 1933
                                  and Deemed Filed Pursuant to Rule 14a-12 under
                                             the Securities Exchange Act of 1934
                                                 Commission File No.:  001-00143


   DETROIT -- General Motors Corp.  (NYSE:  GM, GMH) and its subsidiary,  Hughes
Electronics Corp.,  stated today that after review by the Board of Hughes and as
part of their evaluation of strategic restructuring  alternatives,  the GM Board
of Directors has authorized  proceeding with further  discussions  with The News
Corporation  Limited  and  Sky  Global  Networks,  Inc.,  a  subsidiary  of News
Corporation, regarding a proposal to combine Hughes with Sky Global.

   There can be no assurance that the parties will reach an agreement  regarding
such a transaction,  or, that if an agreement is reached,  any conditions to the
transaction would be satisfied or that a transaction would be consummated.

   Any  transaction  involving the combination of Hughes and Sky Global would be
subject  to a number of  conditions,  including  the  approval  of the boards of
directors of General  Motors,  Hughes,  News  Corporation,  and Sky Global,  the
preparation, negotiation and execution of definitive agreements, the approval of
the  holders of GM's  $1-2/3 par value and Class H common  stocks,  and  certain
regulatory requirements.

   If a transaction is to be proposed to GM stockholders, GM would file with the
Securities  and  Exchange  Commission  and  distribute  to  its  stockholders  a
Registration  Statement on Form S-4,  including a prospectus  and  proxy/consent
solicitation  statement, in connection with any transaction that may result from
these  discussions.  Holders of GM $1-2/3 and GM Class H common  stocks would be
urged to read these and any other related  documents the  corporation may issue.
If and when these  documents  are filed,  they can be  obtained  for free at the
SEC's  website,  www.sec.gov.  Additional  information  on how to  obtain  these
documents  from General Motors would be made  available to  stockholders  if and
when a transaction is to occur. Such documents are not currently available.

   This communication  shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation
of an  offer  to  buy,  nor  shall  there  be  any  sale  of  securities  in any
jurisdiction  in which such offer,  solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior
to  registration  or  qualification  under  the  securities  laws  of  any  such
jurisdiction.  No  offering  of  securities  shall be made  except by means of a
prospectus meeting the requirements of Section 10 of the Securities Act of 1933,
as amended.
   General Motors, and its directors and executive officers, may be deemed to be
participants  in the  solicitation of proxies or consents from the holders of GM
$1-2/3  common  stock  and GM  Class H  common  stock  in  connection  with  any
transaction  that might be proposed to GM  stockholders.  Information  about the
directors  and executive  officers of GM and their  ownership of GM stock is set
forth in the proxy  statement  for GM's 2001  annual  meeting  of  shareholders.
Investors  may obtain  additional  information  regarding  the interests of such
participants by reading the prospectus and proxy/consent  solicitation statement
if and when it becomes available.

                                      # # #