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Bexley Dental Recommends Full Mouth Dental Implants

NSW based Bexley Dental is reaching out to help their community learn about dental implants and the various advantages they can offer. There are several types of dental implants, according to the clinic, and each is only used in certain circumstances. While a patient will have to consult with their trusted Bexley dentist to determine which implant is right for their specific condition, the clinic states that learning more about the subject in general can dispel any myths or concerns regarding such procedures.

A tooth that is worn down, damaged in an accident or decayed will need to be replaced quickly in order to restore the patient’s comfort and preserve their smile. However, there are many ways this can be achieved, with varying benefits depending on the procedure used. Bexley Dental identifies three distinct methods by which a smile can be fixed via implants, namely single implants, implant bridges, and All on 4.

According to the clinic, dentures and bridges tend to be popular options among patients as well, but they carry a drawback that makes them harder for an experienced dentist to recommend: they are relatively temporary solutions. Dentures, for instance, are known for being easy to wear or remove, popularised partly by their portrayal in TV shows and other media. However, this apparent benefit also means that they are not securely attached to the patient’s mouth, making them uncomfortable to wear for extended periods. It also means that the patient cannot achieve the same bite strength they would have with their normal teeth, making it harder for them to eat their preferred diet, especially since they may be worried their dentures will come loose while they are trying to enjoy a meal.

On the other hand, tooth-supported bridges require that unaffected teeth on either side of the missing tooth be grinded down in order to facilitate their instalment, thereby damaging otherwise healthy teeth in the process. A variant of the bridge, known as the resin-supported bridge, can be used instead to avoid damaging healthy teeth, but they are not universally suitable for every patient or situation. A thin bond is used to attach resin-supported bridges, so they cannot withstand the wear and tear of chewing motions. As a result, they can only be used on the incisors at the front of the mouth.

The underlying issue with all these options is that none of these are true implants — they do not replace the root structure of missing teeth. While the bone under a regular tooth will support it over the course of a patient’s life, constantly regenerating in response to the pressure of chewing and so on, a denture or bridge does not elicit this response, causing the bone below to lose its strength, firmness and density. Worse, this can spread and affect the previously healthy teeth as well.

Dental implants, however, utilise metallic screw-shaped cylinders, which are placed securely into the jawbone to replace the root and secure a replacement tooth. Since they make direct contact with the jawbone, they stimulate it in the same way a natural tooth would, encouraging the bone to remain strong and healthy.

An individual implant can be used to replace specific teeth, usually one or two neighboring teeth. All On 4 implants, however, are used when the patient requires at least half or even their full set of teeth replaced. The name derives from the fact that an entire set of teeth can be supported by no more than four implants, making them particularly suitable for patients with periodontal or bone issues. Both of these options negate virtually every drawback of dentures and bridges. Besley Dental adds that such full mouth dental implants are designed to last a lifetime, which means the patient may never have to replace their teeth again. Notably, they caution that this depends on how well the patient takes care of their teeth following the procedure. Fortunately, they do not require excessive levels of care to maintain.

Another factor that can affect longevity is the dentist themselves. Bexley Dental advises that patients look up their dentist’s experience and qualifications before deciding to undergo a procedure with them, as these factors can contribute heavily to a successful outcome. Similarly, not all implants are made equal, and some are much better than others. Patients should avoid going with the cheapest option simply to stay within budget as even so-called affordable implants can add up in cost if they need to be replaced multiple times down the line.

The dental clinic understands that their community will have many questions on the subject, and their team is always pleased to field any questions regarding full teeth dental implants or another topic in dentistry. Additional information can be found on the clinic’s official website and social media platforms, but patients are welcome to contact Zainab Ali of Bexley Dental if they wish to follow up on any further inquiries.


For more information about Bexley Dental, contact the company here:

Bexley Dental
Zainab Ali
(02) 9567 4151
400 Forest Rd, Bexley NSW 2207


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