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Sydney Holistic Dental Centre Explains How Holistic Dental Veneers Can Help

Sydney Holistic Dental Centre, a dental office in Sydney, NSW, Australia, explains the importance of applying the holistic principle for dental veneers. Dental veneers are made of either composite resin or porcelain. These are very thin facings that are specifically crafted for a patient’s teeth and they are sealed permanently to the front of the teeth to enhance a patient’s smile. Veneers are commonly used to treat teeth that are too small, chipped, have gaps between them, or discoloured.

The team of dentists and dental professionals at Sydney Holistic Dental Centre, including Dr Joshua Ehrlich, Dr Craig Wilson, Dr Yin Yin Teoh, Dr Ron Ehrlich, and Dr Lewis Ehrlich offer holistic dentistry, amalgam removal and replacement, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, and more. They also treat stress symptoms, tension headaches, neck aches, sleep problems, migraines, and jaw aches.

Holistic dentistry is based on the principle that every part of the body contributes to the whole, which means that the teeth, gums, jaws and various areas of the head and neck that are affected by the mouth can impact a person’s overall health. Thus, dental veneers when used for cosmetic dental treatment will be considered in relation to the holistic health model. It is important to note that there are five stresses that are interlinked in this particular health model: postural stress, environmental stress, emotional stress, nutritional stress, and dental stress.

The mouth and oral cavity can result in chronic pain and stress, and may affect other parts of the body, resulting in headaches, neck aches, sleep disturbances, and jaw pain. Increased stress can negatively affect the immune system and possibly result in more chronic inflammation. Therefore, the dental professionals at Sydney Holistic Dental Centre will not just offer dental treatments, such as dental veneers, but they will also consider the patient’s overall health and work with other healthcare professionals with the goal of boosting the patient’s overall health. That is why they want to stress that the cost of the holistic dental veneers in Sydney is well worth the investment.

It is important to realize that dental veneers are not permanent. However, they can last for anywhere between seven and 15 years. Exactly how long they will last will depend on whether the patient will exert the necessary effort to properly maintain them. It is also essential to note that the procedure for dental veneers, once done cannot be reversed. There is also the possibility of increased tooth sensitivity although this will eventually fade in most cases. And patients will need to be careful because they may crack or chip if they grind their teeth, chew on ice, or bite their nails.

Meanwhile, Sydney Holistic Dental Centre is a reliable dental office for holistic dentistry because they comply with the highest standards of treatment. This will always relate the patient’s oral health to his or her general health, focusing on: the use of bio-compatible dental materials; careful removal of mercury amalgam fillings; chronic inflammation and infections in the oral cavity; chronic tension neck aches and headaches and their link to the way the teeth fit together; enhancing the patient’s quality of sleep; enhancing the aesthetics of the smile and function of the jaws; and helping anxious patients attain optimal oral health through sleep dentistry.

Dental veneers are a worthy investment because of how they can affect the patient’s overall well-being. People with chipped, cracked, stained, or unsightly teeth feel ashamed to smile, thus affecting their psychological health. Dental veneers are for those who are starting a new chapter in their lives, whether it’s dating or a job search. This minimally invasive procedure can empower them to present the best version of themselves with a set of teeth that they can be proud of. And although some effort may be needed to make them last longer such as regular brushing or ensuring that the teeth are not used as a tool for tearing packages, no special maintenance is actually required.

Those who are interested in learning more about holistic dental veneers cost in Sydney and other info can check out the Sydney Holistic Dental Centre website, or contact them on the telephone or through email.


For more information about Sydney Holistic Dental Centre, contact the company here:

Sydney Holistic Dental Centre
Robyn Farley
(02) 9221 5800
17/111 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW 2000


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