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Cyndee Goldstein The Worth Warrior (TWW) Teaches Women And Girls To Recover Their Lost Self-Worth

Cyndee Goldstein, “The Worth Warrior” (TWW), is passionate about helping women and girls find their way back to self-worth, self-acceptance and self-confidence. “As women, we tend to lose our self-worth very easily,” Cyndee said. “I’d like to be that voice that helps women and girls realize that they’re worthy of all things— they’re worthy of anything that they want or need in life! I’m passionate about this because I’ve gone on this journey to recover my lost self-esteem and came out on the other side a better human.”

Cyndee explained, “About 13 years ago, I was in a bad relationship, and that relationship literally took everything from me. It took all my money, my bank account was overdrawn, my credit cards were maxed out, my credit score was in the toilet. When it ended, the worst loss was my self-worth. I literally felt like I’d been diminished into nothing. For a while, I was in survival mode, but slowly, I started finding ways to help myself dig out of that hole. Little by little I started doing affirmations and trying to build my self-esteem one little change at a time.”

She added, “Now, years later, I like myself, I love myself and who I am, but that took a lot of work.”

Cyndee is passionate about helping women and girls find their worth and learn to live their life as their true self, unapologetically. She loves working with women and specializes in helping those who are struggling with their self-worth.

Cyndee went on to say, “I think that if we can get to girls early and teach them about their self-worth, they can grow into adults with confidence and high self-esteem. And, I want them to realize early that life isn’t that serious, we get to be who we want to be, unapologetically.”

She also shared that she wants to help people of mixed race. “I have a gaggle of nieces and nephews and probably 90% of them are mixed with something that’s other than white. I watch them struggle with their identity, trying to figure out whether they’re one thing or another. They feel like they are stuck between two worlds – they’re not white enough for this or they’re not enough black for that. I’ve watched how it diminishes their self-worth.”

Self-worth is important to me because I know that you can’t live a happy life with no self-esteem. 13 years ago, my life was miserable. Everything was negative, and everything was happening to me. As I gained self-worth, I realized that things don’t happen to me, they happen for me. It might not look exactly how I thought it was going to look, but it always was for the benefit of me. When I go back and look at situations in my life later, in retrospect, things that I thought were “the end of the world” ended up being the best thing.

When my relationship ended, I thought it was the end of the world, but really, f_ _ _ k that guy. He was not worth my time, at the end of the day, I wasted time worrying about that.

But, it was a lesson.

Worth is so important to me because I think it’s the basis of creating a happy life. When you have self-worth, you realize that happiness is a choice. With self-worth, I get to choose to be happy every day, and I get to be happy every day no matter what’s going on around me. But, with no self-worth or no self-esteem my days were just misery. I chose misery every day. It’s just easier to do that when you are not thinking about yourself first. Today, I choose self-worth and self-acceptance for myself and it is what I teach women and girls to have—and how to recover that sense of self if it’s been lost. Cyndee’s new online course, “Breaking up with Self-Doubt: A 21 Day Journey to Worthy” is launching online early 2023.

The “Breaking up with Self-Doubt” online course stemmed from a question to herself, many years ago, “What would it look like for me if I thought about myself the way other people thought about me?”

At the time, that question stopped her in her tracks. “I thought about that question and that night I went home and I started on my self-worth journey and I haven’t looked back. I’m whole again and I love my life. Now, I want to give that feeling to other women and girls who are struggling. I want them to know that they are not alone and that there is hope that things will get better and that their life can be amazing and everything they are too afraid to dream of right now will come true,” Cyndee said.

The Worth Warrior (TWW) course focuses on thoughts, ideas and actions that women and girls can do to gain a better sense of who they are and begin to build self-worth. As part of the program, women and girls begin keeping a daily journal, designed to help teach the skills needed to learn to love yourself. Cyndee also supports women on this journey through her coaching, motivational speaking, online courses and inspirational t-shirts, motivational products and daily journals.

To learn more about working with Cyndee Goldstein, The Worth Warrior (TWW) or about her new 21-day online course, “Breaking up with Self-Doubt,” visit:

About Cyndee Goldstein

Cyndee Goldstein is the owner and creator of The Worth Warrior (TWW). Through the Worth Warrior (TWW), she conducts speaking engagements tailored to women’s groups and for girls, where she discusses self-worth, how her journey to self-worth unfolded and how she was able to recover from feeling utterly worthless with a life that had come unraveled, to becoming a confident, happy woman with a good sense of self-worth, self-acceptance and greater faith in her ability to help other women and girls overcome difficulties and gain a better sense of self. The Worth Warrior (TWW) offers an online course called, “Breaking up with Self-Doubt”—a 21-day “Journey to Worthy.” The 21 days focus on things women and girls can do to gain self-worth.

Cyndee also teaches and mentors young women, helping them uncover their dreams, step into their identity, realize their full potential and their importance to the world. She guides young women in learning how to effectively communicate, face and conquer challenges, and achieve self-acceptance, self-confidence and a true sense of self-worth.

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