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JC Soto, Founder of Online Media 360, Predicts the Biggest Marketing Trends for 2023

We don’t know what the future holds, but if we take a look at marketing trends from the last few years, we can get an idea of what’s to come in 2023.

Here are some of the most obvious online marketing trends predictions for 2023:

Internet Website Compliance

In 2018 superstar Beyoncé Knowles’ company, Parkwood Entertainment, became the defendant in a class-action lawsuit alleging that it violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Since then, civil lawsuits have been flooding the mailboxes of companies that violate ADA guidelines.

ADA Law Compliance

ADA Law Compliance is an important aspect of website compliance for 2023, as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 508 Law can hold businesses liable for non-compliance. According to ADA law compliance regulations, organizations with 15 or more employees, who also do any business over the internet, must make all web content accessible to people with disabilities.

As such, websites must be written to meet the standards set forth under ADA guidelines. To help ensure your site meets them, it should be regularly tested using automated technology solutions and reviewed by administrators who are knowledgeable on ADA website compliance requirements. While meeting all the requirements is a complex process that takes time and resources to complete effectively, it’s essential in order to protect your business from potential legal ramifications due to discrimination against people with disabilities.

There are several different areas where you’ll need to focus if you want your website to comply with ADA law requirements: Alternative text tags that accurately describe images need to be included on each page; navigation menus should be keyboard accessible and include multiple access points; videos should have audio transcripts available or alternate media description options; pages must respond quickly when needed commands are entered on a keyboard; headers should include hierarchical structure and appropriate semantic elements; UI components are expected to behave consistently throughout the entire website experience; documents including PDFs need an text equivalent version available for assistive reading technologies; content readability needs consistent formatting and font size throughout pages.

In addition, organizations must make sure their websites pass similar accessibility guidelines determined by Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA standard set forth by W3C including form design labels being linked correctly with fields & widgets being able to enlarge up 200%. Quality assurance teams will also need detailed testing tailored specifically towards providing results relevant & compliant in terms of both functionality & usability in order for your eCommerce website become fully compliant by meeting such standards established per accessibility laws like Section 508 & The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Privacy Policy Compliance

As we look towards the future, website compliance for 2021 and beyond are only becoming more important. One major area of focus is privacy policy compliance. In order to stay compliant with the law it is essential that websites must have a privacy policy page in place, created using language appropriate for the country and region.

It’s important to keep these policies up-to-date with the latest industry standards and regulations, in order to protect user data from misuse or exploitation. To ensure adequate compliance it may be necessary for users to click through an agreement separate from your terms of service when creating an account on your website.

It’s also best practice for sites to check periodically that their policies are still adhering to global regulations related to user privacy protection and data security. This includes gathering permission from users every time their personal information is collected through forms, surveys and other methods of interaction.

Aside from providing information on how personal information is collected and used, a privacy page should include details on how customers may access their own private data, how long it will be stored, who has access rights to that data and all other relevant permissions granted when submitting Login details.

Having a solid understanding of international laws related to privacy protection, usage terms and rules around collecting Consent are all foundational elements of being able to successfully comply with 2023 website standards or regulations around user privacy policies specifically. As these laws continue evolve it’s essential that they remain in consideration when building an online presence as well as staying ahead of potential changes in regulation that may occur in the following years ahead.

Cookies Policy Compliance

The world of web compliance is constantly changing, and this is especially true when it comes to the use of cookies on a website. In light of the upcoming changes to EU website regulations that will come into effect in 2023, it’s important for website owners to ensure that their sites comply with any new policies around cookies. To create an effective cookies policy that meets these regulations, consider the following:

  • Clearly outline what types and purposes of cookies are being used on the website.
  • Provide information about why these certain types of cookies are necessary for the site.
  • Explain how visitors can control their cookie settings, including tools to opt out from certain types of tracking or storage.
  • Be transparent about who is collecting and sharing data from tracking cookies and how they are using this data.
  • Clearly explain how users can change their preferences or delete all related information at any time.

Having a clear understanding of your site’s present and future cookie policy will allow you to plan ahead for 2023 compliance guidelines regarding data collection, whether through online forms or other means. It’s essential that you ensure your desired level of privacy and security is being met while still adhering to published rules and regulations concerning cookie management on your business website. Update your policy accordingly as new requirements become known in order to remain compliant with 2023 regulations regarding cookie usage.

Small businesses can check their websites for compliance issues at: Internet Compliance Checker

2023 is expected to bring significant changes to the world of marketing and advertising. Companies have begun to focus on new strategies that are more effective in reaching consumers and staying competitive. As data science improves, marketing teams will be able to draw insights from increasingly vast and varied data sources. AI-powered technologies will be able to deliver hyper-personalized experiences, while consumer privacy regulations such as the GDPR will ensure customers can trust that their data is being handled in the right way.

In the age of peak digital interaction, marketers must strive for efficient ways of connecting with their target audiences through content promotion, experiential marketing, influencer engagement campaigns and other innovative tactics. It is also crucial for them to know how to use consumer data responsibly in order remain compliant with privacy legislation such as CCPA or GDPR.

Analytics tools are becoming increasingly powerful as well due to advances in Big Data processing technology, which helps marketers understand interactions between different elements of their campaigns with greater accuracy and specificity. Marketing teams are also looking towards machine learning platforms for predictive analytics that can provide proactive insights before campaign launches or product releases.

AI is Here to Stay

As teams look toward 2023, those who embrace these methods can stay ahead of the competition by staying informed about emerging trends in analytics and incorporating them into their existing strategies. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as AI, predictive analytics and Big Data processing into existing marketing practices, businesses can drive forward better customer relationships while complying with evolving legislation related to consumer privacy and data protection.

Are you ready to take your website into the future? Compliance with the latest web regulations for 2023 is an important part of staying competitive in this ever-evolving digital landscape. Let’s get ready these imminent changes!

About JC Soto

JC is the founder of Online Media 360. He is also a Best-Selling author, coach, public speaker and podcast host. His mission is to help coaches and consultants to get more credibility, trust and visibility by using authority positioning marketing strategies. His marketing coaching group membership helps coaches and consultants to take the confussion out of digital marketing.


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