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Making Positive Changes; Is it Really Possible by Just Changing Yourself from Within?

Energy is everything and everything is energy. Separation is an illusion that we are taught to believe. We’re not separate at all. We are all connected in every way, shape and form. Whatever we do affects those around us, therefore, everything that they do affects people around them, which can impact you.

When we are talking about energy at the vibrational level, we can include the subconscious mind. It creates at least 95% of your reality that uses thoughts, words, actions, beliefs, paradigms, habits, whatever you want to call them. It’s like riding a bike, you do it multiple times and then it becomes a subconscious program, and then you can do it without a problem. The program never leaves you. That’s your subconscious mind, it’s all in there.

The vast majority of your life is driven by your subconscious mind, and if you have taken on lots of negative beliefs, thoughts, and actions by looking at others, they all go into your subconscious mind very quickly and that is how you will behave. That’s how you’ll think. They will be your truths.

The subconscious mind is very much like a sponge, particularly up until approximately eight years old, it’s wide open and it’s absorbing everything like a sponge, so it’s very important when you have a young child, to train that child to think in the best possible way, the most positive way to create good habits. Once the good habits are created, then they’ll stick.

The Collective

We also have the energy of what we would call the collective. Our truths don’t just affect us as an individual being, we are actually influenced by the collective subconscious mind of others on our planet, which unfortunately, is currently very negative.

By changing your thoughts, your words, your actions, your paradigms, and therefore your vibration, you can disconnect from things that are working against you and start to connect to the love, the joy and happiness, the abundance, and start to change ourselves, which through cause and effect, will help to improve the world and make it a better place.

There’s a mind and body connection as well and there are four main bodies. These four main bodies are: the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. If there’s any mental, emotional or spiritual imbalance in our lives, they will manifest physically in lots of different ways; it may be a headache, skin complaint, or some more severe dis-ease.  So, if you want to heal the physical body, you don’t just treat the physical body, you must examine and take action to treat the mind and the emotions, and then the physical symptoms will naturally reduce or disappear.

Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience

Many people are of the assumption, because this is what they’ve been told, that they are a human being having a spiritual experience. Nothing can be further from the truth because we are actually spiritual beings having a human experience. We’re made of light, we’re energy bodies. We’re just along for the ride for a little while, and when this human suit that we are carrying expires, then the energy can go higher, and we can be recycled, so to speak. We can get back out there and do whatever we want to do. We never die.

The Mind-Body Connection

It’s really bizarre. We have answered the call to meet our true purpose and to serve in a different way. And some people can’t come to terms with that. We are doing it in a different way, other than modern medicine, but thankfully energy healing is actually becoming more popular, and more people understand the connection we have with everything and believe the mind-body connection are actually real, that they’re not myths. I can look at the physical body and get information from the organs or limbs because they shout out, because they want to be healed. They want to get rid of burdens like anger, hatred and others that are low vibration and causing problems. The body shouts out what it’s storing in there and lets me know how to get rid of it. It’s a truly amazing thing.

Our Natural Healing Mechanism

The fact is our body is designed to heal itself if we will allow it and don’t interfere with the natural process, so instead of hindering it, why not help it along?

Most of us experience lots and lots of difficulties with whatever is going on in our lives. It’s very important to have them addressed, because the more it’s overlooked the more severe it can become, and the more physical ailments will be created if we don’t address the root cause. Our unfavorable past experiences create emotions, fears and recurring negative thoughts, and when we bring up those memories, it reactivates those emotions, fears and recurring negative thoughts. Once you address the initial experience that causes them and remove the vibration, the memory can still exist, just minus the emotions and fears which keeps us anchored in our past.

Intuitively I can help with that because I can get the direct answer from the body. The organs can tell me where there’s suppressed anger, where there’s suppressed hatred, anything that’s stuck in there and the reasons why, and it can be cleared energetically from that level.

The Impact of Stress in Our Immune System

Unwanted energy can get stuck anywhere, it just depends on where and what the experience was and what the resulting fear or emotions are as to where it builds up, and I see the same vibration in different places for different people. Take anger for example; the liver tends to hold the majority of the anger, but I’ve seen it in the digestive system of some people experiencing gut issues.

Stress is really impactful on the immune system, and very negatively unfortunately, because stress increases the bad hormones and decreases the good, the happy hormones. It’s very detrimental to health.

Some people decide to come down the alternative route if they find that the doctor has tried several things and they’re not getting any relief at all, and if the doctor has no other solution. I find that clients can be desperate and sometimes set their expectations way too high. They expect to be healed in two sessions without the understanding they’re carrying lifetimes of burdens and they’re not going to shed everything overnight. They need to come in with an open mind; basically, they need to take the progress as it comes because people integrate and release negativity at their own pace and everyone is different. They only release when they’re ready mentally and physically, and actually acknowledge their issues.

They can also put too high an expectation on the healer to be responsible for actually healing them. They must understand that it’s their transition and it’s their responsibility; they are the ones that need to be prepared to do the work and except the vibrational changes because, and I keep telling people, no one is going to ride in on a white horse and whisk you off and heal everything. That’s just not going to happen because the only person that can change you is YOU.

My Own Story 

I’ve experienced a few abusive relationships. It didn’t matter what I did in my father’s eyes, it was never correct. Nothing was never good enough and that really caused me to be defensive all the time and to be defiant, because as soon as he told me that he didn’t agree with something, I would go and do it, and that’s the way you react when you’re suppressed. Then 15 years ago, I discovered that I only got treated badly in my marriage because I allowed it. That was a massive awakening for me. It changed my perception about life. I then had the understanding that I had to take back control of my life or others were going to continue to control it for me.

Long story short, I had to take action and make the change, or give myself permission to continue suffering, and there was no way it was going to be the latter. My life changed for the better in that instant – I’m now married to an absolute gem of a man who is very, very supportive and very excited for me when I have good results. He’s wonderful. It’s a great change from being belittled and ridiculed at every turn.

Here are 5 lessons I learned in my journey:

  1. There is no such thing as fear other than that which we create. We’re not born with fear, it’s something we are taught, it’s something we learn, and if we can learn it, we can unlearn it. People don’t understand the truth of that.
  2. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep getting what you’ve gotten.
  3. If you don’t take action to make positive change, you will continue to suffer, and by inaction, you’re making the conscious choice to continue suffering.
  4. Put yourself first, because you are the most important person in your life – your life and your happiness matter. If I’d known how easy it was to stop my abuse, I would’ve done it many years before. And I’m trying to get that message out to people.
  5. Do it now before you create a physical issue when you may have to deal with panic and fear too.

Starting Your Journey

Lots of fears might come up when starting this journey of changing of ourselves. Many of us believe that we’re not good enough and that we don’t deserve to receive good things, or that we are unloved, and that’s what keeps people stuck in this pain cycle. Their ego drags them back with recurring thoughts of; ‘what if it doesn’t work’ or, ‘that’s too much of a risk’, ‘you might not be able to do that’ or ‘what if you fail?’ Your ego throws all this at you, and through fear you retreat, and make the choice to continue to suffer.

Lots of ‘what ifs’ are created, and they are mostly excuses to try and get out of it. They are all fear based, but that’s the ego’s job, to keep you safe. We just need to take that step forward, take the bull by the horns, even book a consultation with somebody like myself, to find out how the sessions work and how they can help you, because mostly people are put off because they don’t understand how it all works and a chat can quickly remedy that. In our society today, we are pushed towards a medical doctor. We’re not informed about other methods of healing. We are conditioned to believe that when we have problems, the only person that is qualified to help is a licensed doctor or a licensed psychiatrist, for example. A license shows they have completed a course, and they may not a particular life experience that they have been able to come back from.

The way I help them get past those fears is with education. And I don’t think people understand really that when they go to the doctor with a mental problem like depression, the doctor may firstly prescribe a pharmaceutical drug that people don’t realize doesn’t heal the true issue, it’s just masking the symptoms. It’s like cutting your hand that needs stitches and sticking a Band-Aid on it. It is about helping them to understand how it works, and that usually eases the fears.

I would also suggest that they do their own research and possibly read some testimonials from people that have worked with their particular healer, and that can sometimes put their fears to rest.

Three Things to Keep in Mind When We Want to Make Changes in Ourselves:

  1. Be ready. You’ve got to be in a place where you want to change. There’s no point in seeking help if you really don’t want to accept it.
  2. Don’t fear diving deep inside or be scared about what you’ll find, it’s only memories that are affecting your reality. It’s easier than you think, and you can dissolve them if you choose to.
  3. Be honest, BRUTALLY honest with yourself and your healer. If you don’t tell the truth, you’re being disrespectful to yourself, and you will delay healing. All conversations with your healer should be in the strictest confidence and without judgment, so you should feel safe in that environment and be willing to let go of the old you so that you can find your true self. Basically, we all get stuck in our past and unless we are willing to acknowledge it and then let it go, we won’t be able to move forward because regrets always anchor us in our past.
  4. Regret for the past and fear of the future prevent us from creating. Creating can only take place in the present moment, so if we are stuck in the past or live in fear of the future, we can’t focus on the present. There is no point regretting things we have done that we can’t change or fearing something that hasn’t even happened yet.

Taking Control of Our Lives

We need to transcend through things that aren’t serving us and move on.  By changing our perceptions and expanding our awareness and our consciousness, and by raising our vibration to a much higher level we stop attracting the things that we don’t want and start to create the things that we do. I help people to understand why they are creating the lives that they’re living, which is overwhelmingly pain, shock, anger, debt, bad health or suffering of some kind in any way, shape, or form. Through education, investigation, and changing vibrations, I’ll help them to take back control of their lives because the vast majority of us hold onto and internalize feelings and emotions that we’ve been conditioned to think is a show of weakness.  If we suppress them, it can be a major problem because this all works like a volcano. Denying our emotions and sweeping them under the rug keeps adding to that pressure until there’s nothing left for it to do except erupt.

I see this with kids being bullied; after a while, they can’t take it any longer, so they break down or they react with violence. They hit out.

I also acknowledge those who are or were in the military have experienced the real horror and the pain of war, and they create PTSD.

I see it in those that have been abused, who create addictions which get out of control. I see it in the overwhelm and the stress of our first responders who absorb others energy like a sponge and look at the fear and the panic that they’re surrounded with every single day. They get so overloaded that they can fail to function.

They have to take a lot of time off and they may create illnesses themselves. It’s not just disruptive to their lives, but to the lives of those around them. I specialize in helping them remove the vibrations of trauma and pain, shock and abuse, and unblock emotions that are stuck in the physical body quickly, so that they can return to being balanced on all levels, get their lives back on track, and stop creating the situations that mirror the pain that they have. They start to generate a better life.

We’re responsible for our own lives

The book, You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay, is what really sparked my awakening to the truth about what was happening. If you stray from your path or need some help and you’re not paying attention, the universe throws you something to stop you in your tracks and make you think and that’s exactly what happened to me.  I was thrown badly during a karate class in 2005, broke L5 disc in my lower back and had very extreme sciatica for two years. I was lying on the couch one day, reading the Louise Hay book, and in the first chapter somewhere, it said; “you’re responsible for your own life, you created it, and it’s only you who can fix it”. That one sentence really triggered me, and I launched that book across the living room because there was no way I wanted to believe I created the accident for myself. However, over the next few days, and after really just having some time to reflect, I then realized what it was that I had created. I wasn’t listening and seeing the imbalances because of my own unhappiness in my marriage at the time, so the universe threw me an accident to get my attention.  It worked well! 

I am grateful and honored every day to be able to use my experience and knowledge to help others understand that life really isn’t so bad if you have a desire to heal, to change your perceptions, increase your awareness, and be willing to let it all go.

Dawn Livingstone is the founder of Voyage of Transcendence. She has been an energy healer for over 20 years and have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of people shift their lives to being more positive and joyful. Dawn helps people take back control of their lives, to move on by changing their perceptions, and by expanding their awareness and consciousness. She helps them raise their vibration to a much higher level so they can stop attracting the things that they don’t want and start to live a life with better health, wealth, relationships and happiness. 

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