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Angie Wong @AngieWong democrat using National Veterans Parade @NationalVets and @ExposingVFAF for circular reporting.

By: IssueWire
Angie Wong smiles with communist dictator Mao From her own social

Angie Wong is a pay to play media commentator who recently spoke with the Patriot Freedom Project @realpfp

Miami, Florida Jan 13, 2024 ( - It has been previously reported that Angie Wong, aka Mrs David Martin, has been using the screen name LoisLane @Agent_411 on twitter to attack former President Trump and numerous MAGA movement leaders.  LoisLane has shared Anti-Semitic content, photos of Trump in prison, attacks on Jewish Trump pundit Gavin Wax, Veterans for Trump president Stan Fitzgerald's wrongful conviction from decades ago out of context, liberal influencers and general hate speech targeting conservative leaders.

From Wong's verified Twitter account @AngieWong she has defamed MAGA leaders Steve Bannon, Gavin Wax, Stan Fitzgerald, Jared Craig and Karoline Leavitt.  Also from Wong's verified twitter account she has shared tweets from liberal influencers that lodge fake news attacks on conservative leaders, Republican sitting members of Congress, and right wing media personalities.

Multiple reliable sources embedded with Wong have now confirmed she has created at least four new screen names to conduct circular reporting, defend herself, and focus on disinformation regarding MAGA leaders.  Two of the new accounts have been verified to be Angie Wong, they are National Veterans Parade @NationalVets and Exposing VFAF @ExposingVFAF.   Wong is using her National Veterans Parade account to defend herself from people who research her duplicitous history and expose it.  Wong is using her ExposingVFAF account to harass, and cyber stalk,   Stan Fitzgerald even doxing his personal business interests and inferring he would currently be doing something nefarious because he has a wrongful conviction dating back to a business from over 30 years ago.

Multiple witnesses, including media peers, have indicated Wong is a Democrat and worked on the Hillary Clinton campaign with current goals of infiltrating Republican media outlets for perceived credibility to get close to conservative leaders, and campaigns, ultimately to cause chaos and disinformation through proxy in the 2024 elections.  

Stan Fitzgerald, a retired police detective, is a MAGA grassroots leader who is not running for any type of elected office nor personally monetizing politics. In the last four years Fitzgerald has self-funded his organizations efforts, donated over 250K to Maga Candidates and helped others fundraise without taking compensation in any form.  Fitzgerald has received a verbal shout out from President Trump for his efforts and was invited to meet with the former president 12 times to date.  Fitzgerald's organization has helped several dozen America First candidates win to take office and sitting members win tight re-election campaigns. Fitzgerald and his wife have a national network of influence and represent millions of voting Veteran and First responders through Veterans for America First.  

Fitzgerald had a business , over thirty years ago , from 1993 through 1999 that fell victim to scam artists. Fitzgerald was heavily involved with Republican politics from 1986 through 1999. In 1999 a liberal California FBI office opened an investigation called operation bullpen and used a statement from an unreliable informant to execute a search warrant at Fitzgerald's home in New Jersey. The FBI seized all the alleged fraudulent items leaving the majority of inventory which was deemed authentic. The FBI accused Fitzgerald of what is called turning a blind eye to the fraud of which he was a victim not a co-conspirator. Turning a blind eye is a prosecution method when the government has no real evidence the defendant participated in the alleged fraudulent activities.  Fitzgerald after 58 months of threats from the FBI, having passed two polygraphs and being financially drained by legal fees plead guilty to what he was innocent of to avoid a protentional prison sentence for his family members on an alleged $19K in Tax Evasion, An amount most people get a bill in the mail for.  The coerced plea was relative to approximately $79K in sales of alleged fraudulent items from a California wholesaler.  Fitzgerald has been totally transparent about the wrongful conviction dating back to a thirty-year-old investigation, its on his personal and business websites.  Its also easily accessible in the media by googling Stan Fitzgerald Operation Bullpen to which the researcher will find evidence of the miscarriage of justice and wrongful conviction.  In contrast researching Angie Wong results will show she is a "pay to play" commentator, habitual litigator living a duplicitous lifestyle with no verifiable media work prior to the pandemic.

Fitzgerald credits the wrongful conviction he faced for his motivation to fight for our country, supporting President Trump and his journey into producing and now directing documentary films to help promote the America First movement and values. 

Stan Fitzgerald with Donna Fitzgerald recently produced "The Fall of Deceit" starring Admiral Kubic, General Flynn and Laura Loomer, with Roger Stone, Jeffrey Clark, John Nantz, John Solomon, Jody Hice, Vernon Jones and Mallory Staples. A film pushing back on the weaponization of government against conservatives such as Operation Bullpen.  The film is available on DVD through Amazon and Ebay.

Close to completion is the couples second film which is a documentary about the border. The project is geared at promoting a secure border through the next Trump administration. The film is also promoting VFAF endorsed candidate Victor Avila over the establishment incumbent. "Border Invasion -An American Crisis" is scheduled for release in February and will stream on Salem.  

The VFAF organization as a team is working on a confidential "Trump" film project that will be released in 2024 after a major announcement on Veterans.

Filming started in what will be the Fitzgerald's third film for the America First movement. The organizational team effort has tight lips about the project and title, but has leaked they already have filmed content from sitting members of congress, celebrities, flag officers and Trump campaign influencers that will come together to help President Donald Trump win his bid for our country's highest office.

We reached out to Stan Fitzgerald for comment.  " I don't think people really care what Angie Wong says, or does, but I appreciate she keeps bringing up the FBI from 30 years ago, every time she does bring it up to her limited following it helps us sell films (audible laugh).  Look, I can't comment on open lawsuits we have filed against her but I will say people who stumble on this need to do their research. Look at Angie Wong's actions for the last 30 months as opposed to 30-year-old information," said Fitzgerald.

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