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Science and Literature: An Astronomy Work on Thermodynamic by The Writer-researcher Josammy GANGA has been Published.

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Mostini Planet Next Level the World with Josammy Technology

San Diego, California Jan 10, 2024 ( - The American writer-researcher of Congolese origin, Josammy Samba Ganga, developed, in the field of astronomy or earth and universe sciences, a technology called "the technology of the Alpha and Omega thermodynamic matrix". According to the author, this technology makes it possible to solve scientific enigmas linked to our universe. He presented this method in a work entitled: "Alpha and Omega thermodynamic Sigma ZG Matrix", published online in 2021, by Editions Paramount Publisher, in the United States of America. The work was awarded "best eBook on thermodynamics in the United States". For a long time, man has dedicated himself to conquering the world, with philosophy, science and technology as essential allies. After decades of astrophysical and cosmological research and experiments, some of the greatest mysteries of our universe are being revealed. Our planet is facing serious problems such as climate change and other thermodynamic reactions including wildfires, collapsing polar ice caps, rising temperatures, etc. However, all these disasters are only partially known and identified. They are therefore not fully understood in their entirety, in a global manner, according to the researcher. The scientific researcher Josammy Samba Ganga used his technology of the "Alpha and Omega thermodynamic matrix", to determine all universal actions, reactions, levitation between entities, their properties as well as their duration. It highlights the reactivity before and after the big bang, the formation of planets, the expansion of the universe, the reactivity of galaxies, the appearance of life on earth, the formation of cosmic bodies as well as energy black. It is therefore a big step forward in fundamental physics and the understanding of the universe itself. The rush to understand the universe is one of the most interesting and exciting experimental attempts by scientists.

The contribution of Josammy Samba Ganga is very significant, after several years of study. Since then, the researcher has been involved in numerous scientific projects in the United States and elsewhere in the world. Holder of five patents including four in the United States and another internationally, for the creation and discovery of one hundred new chemical and biochemical formulas, he is among the first scientists to discover the true reactivities of the highest cosmic laws, those which govern the universe. Born on April 13, 1969, in Brazzaville, Josammy Ganga Samba is an American inventor, science writer and researcher living in San Diego, California, United States. Passionate about discovering and understanding the facts that surround us from a very young age, he attended different establishments and universities, obtaining several international patents, with the creation and discovery of one hundred new chemical and biochemical formulas. He is the first man in the history of the world to discover the real reactivities of the highest cosmic laws which govern the universe. A prolific research writer, whose work is recognized throughout the world, Josammy Samba Ganga published his work in three volumes which describes the mysteries of the universe and gravity. The author highlights the formation of cosmic bodies by gravity as well as dark energy. It also underlines the importance of thermodynamics in the study of physicochemical phenomena, in particular the exchanges of energy between living organisms. The countries of the world need more than ever scientific and technological innovation solutions in the implementing new development philosophies, promoting quality development and building a new development model. Only by relying on scientific and technological innovation can we create opportunities, expand space for development and formulate new development advantages.

The technology "Alpha and Omega Thermodynamic Sigma ZG Matrix" explains all reactivities entities of universe mainly the reactivities of Black energy and black matter with their properties. Josammy Samba Ganga's theory has even been validated and recommended by Adel Ben Lakhdar Oueslati, associate professor in chemical engineering process technology at the University of Monastir, in Tunis, Tunisia, and consultant in industrial and energy process engineering. Thanks to his technology, scientist Josammy Samba Ganga is now known as a major international player in the field of thermodynamics. He has made contributions to global research programs and contributed to international astronomical research megaprojects. Josammy Samba Ganga is a very talented and creative researcher who has made remarkable discoveries and inventions. he has five patents to his credit, including four in the United States and an international PCT with the creation and discovery of 100 new chemical and biochemical formulas. He also wrote a book called Mostini Planet Next Level the World with Josammy Technology Alpha & Omega Thermodynamic Sigma ZG Matrix, which is about a fictional planet he created and the influence of cosmic laws in the Andromeda galaxy.

Furthermore, Josammy Samba Ganga addresses long-standing problems that hinder scientific and technological innovation on the African continent, such as the unbalanced allocation of financial resources and weak management, by implementing the programs FISSICOLA (International Festival to stimulate African science and culture), through its foundation, the Josammy Emporio 3D Foundation. It presents plans to optimize scientific and technical innovation on the continent. Among his works are two poems entitled: "Planet Mostini and the fundamental thermodynamic force of the universe", published in his work: "The next level of the world in Planet Mostini with Josammy technology, the quantum anti-gravity of the Sigma ZG matrix", published in 2021 in the United States of America.

Book Fiction, a genre of imagination Where the words create a new dimension.
A realm where anything is possible, and nothing is real.

From the fantastic adventures to the surreal thrill Mostini Planet, a setting of wonder
Where the Andromeda galaxy is the backdrop of the story

A world where the characters face challenges and dangers from the alien invaders to the ancient mystery Book Fiction and Mostini Planet A combination of creativity and curiosity

The main aim of scientific research is to examine the strategies that can matched to increase the effectiveness knowledge in science with josammy Technology.

Stars and their planetary systems tell us about the history of the solar system and the primitive chemistry that occurred during earth' formation and appearance of life."

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