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"Nikki Haley is a Liar, or Willfully Blind", Prisoner Says

By: IssueWire
Defund DOC Podcast

Seattle, Washington Jan 10, 2024 ( - By Daniel J. Simms, Imprisoned Independent Journalist/Author/Podcast Host.

Former Governor and current Presidential candidate, Nikki Haley, is either a blatant liar or willfully blind to American history. On December 27, 2023, Haley rightly received significant bipartisan criticism by omitting the fact the Civil War was about slavery. Now Haley has ignited a fresh firestorm of outrage from Prison Reform Activists. On December 28, 2023, at Haley's next event, she attempted to clean up her gaff by acknowledging the role slavery played. Yet when she did it she wrongly stated the Civil War ended slavery. It did not. ("Slavery in the Third Millennium." By Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice Publications. "History Repeats Itself in the Resurrection of the Prisoner Chain Gangs." By Lynn M. Burley. 15 Law and Ineq. 127, 129-130 (1997).

"For a former Governor, former United Nations Ambassador, and a current Presidential candidate, to falsely assert slavery has ended is nothing short of a slap in the face to all prison reform advocates!" Linda Thompson, Prison Reform Activist/Treatment Specialist/Podcast Host, stated vehemently, "It is repugnant that someone running for the highest public office would either lie or be willfully blind to the institutionalized prisoner slavery scheme existing today!, and numerous other prison reform organizations, have spent millions of dollars and countless hours seeking to end the prison slavery system, so having Haley dismiss it sub silen'tio should disqualify her for the Presidency!"

With the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which was a terrible concession to the racist Civil War South, a new felon slave class was created. Now prisons are merely modern-day plantations. Moreover, prisoner slavery has lifelong collateral damage that remains upon release causing high recidivism. (The New Jim Crow: How Mass Incarceration Turns People of Color into Permanent Second Class Citizens. By Michelle Alexander) The Federal and State governments have quietly become the biggest Slaveholders and labor wage kleptocracy in all of human history. For years prison reform activist organizations, such as, and countless former and present prisoners, have tirelessly advocated and protested for ending prisoner slavery.

When a prospective Presidential candidate, who was also a former Governor and U.N. Ambassador, fails to acknowledge the foremost civil and human rights struggle of our generation to end prisoner slavery, it is an affront to our social justice mission. Intentionally deceiving Americans by omission seems to be a way to tacitly shut down the conversation for reform. Effectively decreasing visibility on the hot-button issue of prisoner slavery. The millions of abolitionist Americans who protest and advocate against involuntary servitude, forced labor, or slavery for felonies will not be silenced.

Currently, we are striving to educate more Americans through a free podcast and blog. All new subscribers will receive a free digital copy of one of two books: "DEFUND DOC: TURNING ALL PRISONS INTO TREATMENT AND CAREER CENTERS," or, "THE ART OF LIVING: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS IN LIFE AND BUSINESS, I LEARNED IN PRISON." Buying either book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or other book retailers would cost over ten dollars. So, this is an amazing free offer!

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You can also help the cause by getting the limited-time three digital book special supporter bundle offer: "HOPELESS IN SEATTLE: A FOSTERKID'S MANIFESTO," "THE ART OF LIVING," and "DEFUND DOC." All three books for the price of one book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or other book retailers. At fourteen dollars and ninety-nine cents ($14.99), it is unbelievably low.

Supporters are encouraged us to find the online stores that carry the Defund DOC brand:,, and of course on our website We are actively seeking new ways to promote and bring attention to this mission. Every penny of profit goes towards furthering this overdue social justice campaign. Remember becoming a supporter is merely an insurance policy. Statistically speaking you, or one of your descendants, have a fifty percent chance of being ensnared in mass incarceration or mass supervision systems. Therefore, you are contributing towards a future where prisoner slavery is a part of the ugly past. Where all prisons are turned into treatment and career centers. And meaningful sentencing reform occurs. Supporting ensures your name will be written in glory and history! Just like those who fought to end slavery in the Civil War!

The widespread conspiracy of silence about prisoner slavery is an atrocity and has to end. Silence constitutes tacit consent to the egregious human rights violations occurring across the country.

Please contact us on the website to schedule interviews. We prioritize national media outlets with higher audiences. However, every media outlet, even untraditional ones (i.e. podcasts, blogs, etc.), will be accepted.


Daniel J Simms Imprisoned Independent JournalistAuthorPodcast Host


This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

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