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The Basic Introduction To Chip Market In China


The spot market price of chips has presented a double situation of “ice” and “fire”.

On the one hand, the demand for major consumer general-purpose chips is cold, and prices tend to return to normal, with “MCU chip prices plummeting” and “analog chip avalanches by 80%” … On the other hand, the prices of high-end application chips are still soaring, and the demand is hot, such as “Infineon automotive chips are in a hurry after the epidemic” and “Netcom chips are out of stock”.

Recently, the prices of major chips are uneven, and two completely different hot and cold situations have been differentiated in the same brand. This paper makes an inventory of ten brands in the spot market of chips, such as ST, TI, NXP, Renesas, Microchip and Qualcomm, for your reference.


STM32F030, F103 series, STM8S003 series all showed steady price reduction.



The shortage of ST is concentrated in discrete devices, car gauge chips, and power switches, such as the high-priced mixed signal MCU STM32F373RCT6 (applied to sensors). The price has been rising all the way from 20 yuan in April last year, and now it reaches around 700 yuan.

The intelligent power IC- up/down arm switch VNQ7050AJTR of automobile increased from 80 yuan in January this year to 500 yuan in June, which increased five times in just half a year.


The domestic substitution of ST has been advancing, and its opportunities in the spot market have been further weakened. This year’s market price of ST has continued to decline with two waves of epidemics. However, some high-tech chip products, such as automobiles, are difficult to replace and have a big gap, so the price will be difficult to fall for a while.


Microcore chips used in automotive electronics are in short supply and the price is very high.

The price of 8-bit MCUPIC18F26K22-I/SS has skyrocketed from 30 yuan in the past six months, and it keeps setting a new record. Now it is approaching 250 yuan.


KSZ9031, an Ethernet chip for automobiles, once again set a new high record after price fluctuation, reaching 1200+ yuan.


It is reported that due to Shanghai’s unsealing, micro-core Ethernet chips and ATMEL single-chip microcomputers arrive one after another, and there is little demand from factories, so the prices have dropped somewhat, such as KSZ9031, USB2514BI and ATMEGA328P-AU, etc.

The price of 8-bit MCU ATMEGA328P-AU has been declining, and the current price is more than 20 yuan. The price of high-speed hub controller USB2514BI is close to the normal price (8 yuan), which is currently around 30 yuan.


Chip market of ST, TI, Renesas (7)

At present, TI is structurally out of stock, among which automobiles are in short supply, and prices have remained high for a long time.

It is difficult for the price of special analog chips to drop to the normal price in a short time, and even a floating price increase occurs, mainly because the demand in special fields such as automobiles is still very strong.

For example, TPS54260QDGQRQ1, an automobile step-down converter, is used in 12V and 24V automobile and industrial systems, as well as in information entertainment, cluster and ADAS applications. However, the price of more than 80 yuan is still about 10 times higher than the normal price (8 yuan), and the overall high price may be accompanied by a false high price.


The current price of the LED driving chip TPS 92692 QWPRQ 1 is still very high after plunging from the exaggerated high point. To know that this chip was the price in 35 yuan last July, the price in 320 yuan has increased by about 10 times compared with the same period last year.


The power management chip TPS53513RVER of Netcom has dropped to about 600 yuan this year, and the price is still high.


Of course, the price of general-purpose consumer analog chips has dropped significantly, and many of them have dropped to normal prices, such as TPS61021ADSGR and TPS63070RNMR.

After the chip overheated, “the tide receded, only then did you know who was swimming naked”. On the other hand, it was difficult to replace high-specification chips such as automobiles, and the demand was large, which made it a new popular fried chicken in the spot market of chips.


At present, the demand of ADI is weak, and buyers are looking for the bottom price, hoping to buy at a lower price.

AD8606ARMZ, AD8606ARZ, and AD8606ARMZ (operational amplifier) have recently reduced their prices. For example, AD8606ARZ was once in 80 yuan, but now it’s down to 50 yuan. This operational amplifier is used for photodiode amplification, battery-powered instruments, multipole filters, sensors, barcode scanners, audio.


It is reported that these chips whose prices have returned to a low level have customers buying the spot at an ultra-high price in the early stage. Now, after a large number of goods arrive, many of them are willing to sell them to traders. However, due to the lag of information, the target selling price is on the high side, so the market price has been gradually lowered through step-by-step testing.

ADI’s automobile analog chips are also expensive, such as the amplifier AD8657ARMZ-R7, and the current price is around 280 yuan.


LTC6992IS6-1#TRMPBF, the price is high around 350 yuan. It is a voltage-controlled pulse width modulator (PWM) used for heater control, LED dimming control, portable and battery-powered devices, etc.



Feiling has gone from a large-scale lack of core to a small-scale lack of core. At present, it is also automotive chips that are seriously out of stock.

In terms of MCU, the typical chip SAK-TC234LP-32F200N AC, with a high price of more than 2,000 yuan, is a 32-bit MCU for automobile and industry.


In terms of MOS, the MOS gap of 200V is large, the overall price is stable, and there is no cliff-like price reduction.

Yingling also has low-priced chips, such as BTT6200-4ESA, an intelligent high-side switch for power vehicles, which has dropped below that of 25 yuan.



NXP has outstanding gaps in automotive and industrial chips, while the demand for consumer products is declining. In addition, there are rumors that the official overall price rose by 15% in July.

The prices of materials with large gaps are still firm. Take the general MCU MKE15Z128VLH7, which covers applications such as automobile, industry and mobile consumption, for example. The prices are currently at a rare high level.


However, its 16-bit MCU S9S12G128AVLFR has plunged to a low level below 100 yuan.


In addition, the price of NXP LPC series is falling, TJA, etc. are relatively stable. With the arrival of goods in the second half of the year, the shortage situation will be somewhat relieved compared with Q1 and Q2.


At present, there are many inquiries for Renesas in the spot market, but few orders are placed. Although its automotive chips have been relieved compared with last year and the first quarter of this year, there is still a shortage, and some models such as R7F7010323/R7F7010283 have not been relieved in terms of supply.

Industrial power management chip ISL8203MIRZ, the market price in Q1 is about US$ 5.00. It is reported that the price has recently increased 10 times based on the market price in Q1.


Its power management chip HIP4082IBZT, with a reduced price, is used in UPS system, DC motor control, full-bridge power supply, switching power amplifier, noise reduction system, battery-driven vehicles, etc.


In short, Renesas’s spot market also presents two extremes, with the shortage of goods and the high price, while the bargaining space of products that are not out of stock is increasing.


The overall demand of Anson Beauty is still hot.

In terms of discrete devices, the prices of general-purpose triodes and transistors have shown a downward trend recently, and the prices of 1SMB59XX series have dropped significantly, such as 1SMB5921BT3G and 1SMB5913BT3G. 1SMB59XX series are diode products of Anson, which are suitable for many different end products.


However, the MOS price of Anson Beauty is high (the market price of Fairchild’s subordinate products is still very high), and the delivery time is generally more than 50 weeks, which is the main demand category. The price of vehicle MOS, such as NVMFS5C450NAFT1G, is high, which is around 120 yuan.

Chip market of ST, TI, Renesas (2)


Compared with competing products of other brands, the price of logic devices of On Mei is higher. As for analog devices, the demand for power supply materials is large, and the delivery period of popular NCP455XX series is more than 70 weeks. There is little spot in the market, and the price is still high. The demand for image sensors increased in June compared with last month, and the spot market price was generally more than 10 times.

Chip market of ST, TI, Renesas (8)

In the near future, Qualcomm’s overall demand is low, customers are mainly waiting to see, and online celebrity’s router package is even more expensive. However, Qualcomm’s Netcom chips are in serious shortage, such as the popular chip AR8031-AL1B. The price of this industrial material has been fried to about 2500 yuan, and there is very little in stock.


QCA8337N-AL3B also had more demand last month, but there is no spot support in the market at present. The AR8031/AR8035/AR8033 series used in Netcom base station is expected to have no relief in production capacity this year.


Broadcom’s demand in June was weak, and PLX series didn’t cut the price because of the lack of demand, and the price remained high.

Some material numbers have dropped from more than US$ 900 to more than US$ 200. After only one week, even some customers don’t pick up the goods after placing the order.

Series switches are overstocked, but the current delivery date has not improved. Its avago series, automotive materials are still in short supply, and the price is lower than the high level.


Since the second half of last year, the spot market of chips has experienced structural shortage. In the early days, the demand of chip spot market represented by hot search brands such as ST and TI was cold, and the once high price became valuable without market, gradually moving towards the normal price.

In addition to the frequently declining consumer applications, we find that there are two differences in chip prices of mainstream brands. It is precisely because of the decline of general-purpose chips that the high-tech chips such as automobiles, industrial control and communications, which were originally located at a high level, become more prominent, and their prices have been rising in the near future, violently advancing to an unprecedented high water level.

As for automobile chips, the trend of intelligence is overwhelming. As the automobile industry chain recovers from the stagnation of the epidemic, the demand for automobile chips will continue to rise, such as MCU, IGBT and power management chips. Distributors who seize the opportunity will continue to benefit from the shortage. In addition, at present, the global Netcom chips continue to be out of stock, and the chip quotations of leading American manufacturers are soaring, which brings opportunities to Taiwan brands.

The shortage of chips continues to be in short supply. Will hoarding and speculation come again? After a new wave of shortage of materials, what will be left for the whole industry chain?

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