Filed Pursuant to 424(b)(3)
                                                           File Number 333-56908

(To Prospectus Dated June 19, 2001)


     As described under the caption "The Offering" on page 3 of our prospectus
dated June 19, 2001, the contracts we entered into for the acquisitions of two
corporations that had been our partners since 1996 in the ownership of several
properties located in Santa Monica and San Diego, contained an earnout
provision. Under this provision, we assumed the obligation to issue additional
common shares to the selling shareholders named in the prospectus if the selling
shareholders and we were able to relet spaces in the Santa Monica properties on
terms more favorable to us than the terms on which the spaces were previously

     This prospectus supplement is being prepared as a result of our issuance to
the selling shareholders named in the prospectus pursuant to this earnout
provision of an aggregate of 2,907 additional common shares.  These earnout
shares had an aggregate value, based on the average of the closing prices of our
common shares on the New York Stock Exchange over the 30 consecutive trading
days during the period ending May 24, 2002, of $77,528.28

     The following table shows:

     . the number of additional common shares each of the selling shareholders
       have acquired as a result of the earnout; and

     . the total number of shares currently held by each selling shareholder,
       giving effect to prior sales made pursuant to the prospectus, and offered

                            Number of Shares Acquired    Number of Shares Owned
Name of Selling Shareholder        in Earnout              and Offered Hereby
Richard Ressler                       1,453                      169,071
Shaul Kuba                              727                       84,536
Avraham Shemesh                         727                       84,536
    Total                             2,907                      338,143

     All of the offered shares may be offered by the selling shareholders. The
address for each selling shareholder is c/o CIM Group, LLC, 6922 Hollywood
Boulevard, Suite 900, Los Angeles, California, 90028. Since the selling
shareholders may sell all, some or none of the offered shares, no estimate can
be made of the number of offered shares that will be sold by the selling
shareholders or that will be owned by the selling shareholders upon completion
of the offering. The offered shares represent less than 1% of our common shares
outstanding as of the date of this prospectus supplement.

         The date of this Prospectus Supplement is August 29, 2002.