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Item 5.  Other Events.

     In January 1995, Anchor Savings Bank FSB ("Anchor FSB"), filed suit against
the U.S. Government in the United States Court of Federal Claims for unspecified
damages  involving  supervisory  goodwill  related to its  acquisition  of eight
troubled savings institutions from 1982-1985. The Dime Savings Bank of New York,
FSB ("Dime FSB") acquired Anchor FSB shortly after the case was brought and Dime
FSB was  subsequently  merged into  Washington  Mutual Bank,  F.A.  ("WMBFA") in
January 2002.

     Anchor  FSB's  lawsuit  alleges  breach of contract  and taking of property
without  compensation  by the U.S.  Government in connection  with its contracts
with the government  related to the  acquisition of the eight failing  federally
insured savings and loan  institutions.  Four of the institutions  were acquired
with  some  direct  financial  assistance  from  the  Federal  Savings  and Loan
Insurance  Corporation  ("FSLIC"),  a U.S.  Government  agency that had provided
deposit  insurance  to savings  and loans  ("assisted  mergers"),  and four were
acquired  without  direct  financial  assistance  from  the  FSLIC  ("unassisted
mergers.")  At the time of the alleged  breach when the  Financial  Institutions
Reform,  Recovery,  and Enforcement Act of 1989 was enacted,  approximately $518
million of the  supervisory  goodwill that was created in connection  with these
eight  acquisitions  still  remained on Anchor FSB's books.  Approximately  $450
million of the remaining supervisory goodwill was derived from the four assisted
mergers and  approximately  $68 million  was  derived  from the four  unassisted
mergers.  This supervisory  goodwill remaining on Anchor FSB's books at the time
of the alleged breach forms the principal basis for Anchor FSB's damage claims.

     In 1997, Dime FSB moved for partial summary judgment as to the existence of
a contract  and the U.S.  Government's  breach of that  contract  in each of the
related  transactions.  The U.S. Government disputed the existence of a contract
in each of these transactions,  cross-moved for summary judgment and submitted a
filing  acknowledging  that it was not  aware of any  affirmative  defenses.  In
August 1997, the Claims Court held a hearing on summary judgment motions in four
other related cases and ruled in favor of the plaintiffs on all "common" issues.
From April 1998 through July 1999,  Dime FSB conducted  discovery.  In September
1999, the U.S.  Government filed  supplemental  papers in support of its pending
summary  judgment  motion.  Dime FSB responded to such filings in early November
1999, at which time it again requested entry of summary judgment on liability in
its favor.

     In October 1999 and December 2001,  Dime FSB filed expert reports  claiming
damages under three  alternative  theories.  Dime FSB sought lost profits in the
amount of $980 million,  restitution damages in the amount of $681 million,  and
reliance  damages  in the  amount  of $446  million.  The  U.S.  Government  had
previously  filed expert  reports  denying the existence of damages under any of
these theories.

     In December  2000,  Dime  Bancorp,  Inc.,  Dime FSB's  parent,  distributed
Litigation Tracking Warrants(TM) to its shareholders,  which represent the right
to purchase Common Stock equal in value to 85% of the net after-tax proceeds, if
any, from this lawsuit.  The warrants are listed on the NASDAQ  National  Market
under the trading symbol "DIMEZ."

     In March,  2001,  the Court  heard oral  argument  on the  pending  summary
judgment  motions in the case with  respect  to three of the eight  institutions
acquired by Anchor FSB: the assisted merger of Anchor FSB with Peachtree Federal
Savings and Loan  Association and Federal Savings and Loan  Association of Crisp
County, Georgia in 1982 (the "Peachtree/Crisp transaction");  and the unassisted
merger of Anchor FSB with Standard  Federal Savings and Loan Association in 1983
(the "Standard Federal transaction.").

     On April 30, 2002, the Claims Court issued an order (1) granting Dime FSB's
motion for partial summary judgment, denying the U.S. Government's cross-motion,
and finding that it breached its contract and is liable for damages with respect
to the  Peachtree/Crisp  transaction;  and (2) granting  summary judgment to the
U.S.  Government,  denying Dime FSB's motion for summary  judgment,  and finding
that no contractual  relationship existed between the U.S. Government and Anchor
FSB with  respect  to the  Standard  Federal  transaction.  Approximately  $28.5
million of supervisory  goodwill derived from the  Peachtree/Crisp  transaction,
and  approximately  $26.7  million  of  supervisory  goodwill  derived  from the
Standard Federal transaction,  remained on Anchor FSB's books at the time of the
alleged breaches by the U.S. Government in 1989.

     The Claims Court also directed the parties to file a joint status report by
May 24, 2002, with recommendations for procedures to resolve the pending summary
judgment  motions with respect to the  remaining  five merger  transactions  and
damages issues related to the Peachtree/Crisp transaction.

     The Company is reviewing the Claims  Court's  order.  It is not possible at
this time to  determine  whether or not appeals  will be taken from the order by
either  party,  whether  the  Claims  Court will grant or deny any of Dime FSB's
remaining motions for partial summary judgment, or when it will schedule a trial
on damages and any remaining liability issues.



     Pursuant to the  requirements  of the Securities  Exchange Act of 1934, the
registrant  has duly  caused  this  report  to be  signed  on its  behalf by the
undersigned, thereto duly authorized.

                             WASHINGTON MUTUAL, INC.

                             By: /s/ Fay L. Chapman
                                     Fay L. Chapman
                                     Senior Executive Vice President

     Date: May 2, 2002