Washington, D.C. 20549

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Application for Dominion Resources, Inc.   )  CERTIFICATE PURSUANT TO
and Virginia Power Electric Company on     )  RULE 24 UNDER THE
Form U-1 (File No. 70-9807)                )  PUBLIC  UTILITY HOLDING
                                           )  COMPANY ACT OF 1935, AS AMENDED
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     Pursuant to the  requirements  of Rule 24 under the Public Utility  Holding
Company Act of 1935, as amended,  Dominion Resources,  Inc. ("DRI") and Virginia
Electric  Power  Company  (the  "Company")   certify  that  the  acquisition  of
securities  of three  non-utility  generation  facilities,  as  proposed  in the
Application to the Commission on Form U-1 in File Number 70-9807, and authorized
by order of the  Commission in Public  Utility  Holding  Company Act Release No.
27355,  dated March 16, 2001, has been carried out in accordance  with the terms
and conditions of and for the purposes represented in the Application and of the
Commission's order with respect thereto.


     Pursuant to the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935, the undersigned
companies  have  caused  this  Certificate  to be signed on their  behalf by the
undersigned thereunto duly authorized.

Dominion Resources, Inc.               Virginia Electric and Power Company
By:      /s/James F. Stutts            By:    /s/Karen W. Doggett
   Name:   James F. Stutts                Name:    Karen W. Doggett
   Title:  Vice President and             Title:   Assistant Corporate Secretary
           General Counsel

                                       Date:    April 6, 2001
Date:    April 6, 2001