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Commission File Number: 001-14554

Banco Santander Chile
Santander Chile Bank
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Bandera 140
Santiago, Chile
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As of December 31, 2018 The principal balances and results accumulated for the period ending December 2018 (Amounts in millions of Chilean pesos). SUMMARIZED CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF FINANCIAL POSITION


Principal assets Ch$ million Operational results Ch$ million

Cash and deposits in banks 2,065,441 Net interest income 1,414,368 Interbank loans, net 15,065 Net fee and commission income 290,885 Loans and accounts receivables from customers, net 29,470,370 Result from financial operations 105,082 Total investments 2,471,543 Total operating income 1,810,335

Financial derivative contracts 3,100,635 Provision for loan losses (325,085) Other asset items 2,074,479 Support expenses (721,933)

Total assets 39,197,533 Other results (1,158) Income before tax 762,159 Principal liabilities Ch$ million Income tax expense (165,897) Deposits and other demand liabilities 8,741,417 Net income for the period 596,262 Time deposits and other time liabilities 13,067,819 Financial derivative contracts 2,517,728 Attributable to: Issued debt instruments 8,115,233 Equity holders of the Bank 591,902 Other liabilities items 3,469,498 Non-controlling interest 4,360 Total equity 3,285,838 

Total liabilities 39,197,533

Equity attributable to:

Equity holders of the Bank 3,239,611 Non-controlling interest 46,227

FELIPE CONTRERAS FAJARDO MIGUEL MATA HUERTA Chief Accounting Officer Chief Executive Officer






BANCO SANTANDER-CHILE Y AFILIADAS INFORMACIÓN FINANCIERA CONSOLIDADA Al 31 de diciembre de 2018 A continuación se presentan los principales saldos de balance y resultados acumulados por el periodo de cierre de mes de diciembre de 2018 (cifras en millones de pesos). ESTADO DE SITUACIÓN FINANCIERA CONSOLIDADO RESUMIDO ESTADO DE RESULTADOS CONSOLIDADO DEL PERIODO RESUMIDO Principales rubros del activo MM$ Resultados operacionales MM$ Efectivo y depósitos en bancos 2.065.441 Ingreso neto por intereses y reajustes 1.414.368 Adeudado por bancos 15.065 Ingreso neto de comisiones 290.885 Créditos y cuentas por cobrar a clientes 29.470.370 Resultado de operaciones financieras 105.082 Inversiones totales 2.471.543 Total ingresos operacionales 1.810.335Contratos de derivados financieros 3.100.635 Provisiones por riesgo de crédito (325.085) Otros rubros del activo 2.074.479 Gastos de apoyo (721.933) Total Activos 39.197.533 Otros resultados (1.158) Resultado antes de impuesto 762.159 Principales rubros del pasivo MM$ Impuesto a la renta (165.897) Depósitos y otras obligaciones a la vista 8.741.417 Utilidad consolidada del periodo 596.262 Depósitos y otras captaciones a plazo 13.067.819 Contratos de derivados financieros 2.517.728 Resultado atribuible a: Instrumentos de deuda emitidos 8.115.233 Tenedores patrimoniales del Banco 591.902 Otros rubros del pasivo 3.469.498 Interés no controlador 4.360 Total patrimonio 3.285.838

Total Pasivos 39.197.533 Patrimonio atribuible a: Tenedores patrimoniales del Banco 3.239.611 Interés no controlador 46.227 FELIPE CONTRERAS FAJARDO MIGUEL MATA HUERTA Gerente de Contabilidad Gerente General









IMPORTANT NOTICE The unaudited financial information has been prepared in accordance with the Compendium of Accounting Standards issued by the Superintendency of Banks and Financial Institutions (SBIF) of Chile. The accounting principles issued by the SBIF are substantially similar to IFRS but there are some exceptions. The SBIF is the banking industry regulator that according to article 15 of the General Banking Law establishes the accounting principles to be used by the banking industry. For those principles not covered by the Compendium of Accounting Standards banks can use generally accepted accounting principles issued by the Chilean Accountant’s Association AG and which coincides with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). In the event that discrepancies exist between the accounting principles issued by the SBIF (Compendium of Accounting Standards) and IFRS the Compendium of Accounting Standards will take precedence. #contribuir al progreso de las personas y las empresas.









Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the undersigned, thereunto duly authorized.


  By: /s/ Cristian Florence  
  Name: Cristian Florence  
  Title: General Counsel  


Date: January 11, 2019